K9-PC Protector

K9-PC Protector protects the system against the existence of malicious software by detecting and removing the malware that can infect the system.

What does K9-PC Protector do?

K9-PC Protector detects all kinds of malware present in the system and removes them completely at once.

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K9-PC Protector

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Free infection scan
  • World class 24x7 telephonic and email support
  • 100% protection against malware
  • Free updates regularly
  • Light on system resources


Why do I need K9-PC Protector?

K9-PC Protector removes malware infections existing on users' PC. Malware is the acronym for malicious software and it disrupts the flow of computer operations adversely.

K9-PC Protector acts as a protection shield for the system against malware threats. It provides protection against the malicious items on a user's PC. Its key function is to detect and remove the malware software that has already got installed on the system.


Why you'll love K9-PC Protector?

  • Clean malware in a single click

    After scanning is complete and infections are found, simply click on Clean All and wait for the removal of malware.

  • Identify degree of threat

    On launch of this anti-malware program, you can easily view the level of threat the malware is causing to your system. If the level is severe, a scan is urgently required.

  • Detailed report of infection scan

    You can view a detailed report of the infections or potentially unwanted programs that can harm your system adversely.

  • Customize Scanning as per user's convenience

    Now customize your scan settings and select the areas of scanning of your choice. Additionally you can select scan type as well, to have a deeper scan of your PC.

  • Automatically generate a detailed log for every scan

    Every time you scan your PC using K9-PC Protector, a log report is generated automatically in case of any malicious threat.

  • Manage startup programs

    Using this feature, you can easily manage programs on your PC that run on startup. You can easily add or remove programs from the startup list and enable or disable any items from this list.


Thank You for downloading K9-PC Protector

Installation Instructions:

K9-PC Protector detects all kinds of malware present in the system and removes them completely at once. It provides a protection shield against malware threats.

Click here to begin your download manually.

1. Download K9-PC Protector

When the File Download - Security warning dialog box appears click the "Save File" button

2. Open Save File Location

After the download is complete, navigate to the downloaded path and double-click on the setup.exe to launch setup wizard.

3. Follow the Setup Wizard

Follow the prompts within the installer to complete the installation of K9-PC Protector.

If you face any problem contact us at support@k9tools.com.

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