K9-Disk Speedup

Grab this advanced tool to analyze and optimize your system effectively and easily along with cleaning junk files and removing disk fragments in a few simple clicks.

What does K9-Disk Speedup do?

K9-Disk Speedup scans, analyzes, cleans and optimizes the system efficaciously and ensures an optimum performance of the system.

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K9-Disk Speedup

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Optimize disk drives
  • Boost system's performance
  • Identify and remove redundant files
  • Stabilize and secure the system by repairing file errors
  • Eliminate disk fragmentation


Why do I need K9-Disk Speedup?

Initially, a newly purchased computer consists of files properly organized and these files are easily accessible. Once a whole lot of programs, applications, softwares, games etc. are installed, the disk gets fragmented in such a way that parts of a file are stored in random locations in the disk. This consumes a lot of time locating these files.

K9-Disk Speedup arranges fragmented files contiguously and scans the disk and removes fragmentation completely and effectively. Scattered data can hence be accessed quickly and a lot of free space is created, making the system faster in speed.


If your system deteriorates in performance, it's time to defrag the disk and solve this problem using K9-Disk Speedup. Its features include

  • Easy to use

    There are no such complications in using this tool since its user friendly interface makes it easy to use for novice users as well.

  • Minimal space needed for effective defragmentation

    Data is defragmented effectively and files are arranged smartly to improve overall performance of the system.

  • Clean junk files easily and safely

    K9DSU scans the entire PC for junk files, temporary files and other unneeded files. Once scanned, one can clean these files in just a single click and free up loads of disk space in seconds.

  • Identifies and removes redundant files to increase efficiency

    K9-Disk Speedup scans the system for duplicate files and then removes them completely which, in turn saves ample of disk space.

  • Fix hard disk errors

    To avoid any future loss of data, disk doctor scans the system for any existing errors and fixes them up.

  • Hard disk health check-up

    A detailed report is generated by K9-Disk Speedup on the overall health of the system.

  • Disk information is stored

    It is mandatory to understand why a system's hard disk is always full. This is why K9-Disk Speedup stores and displays information like disk and drive capacity, buffer size, storage capacity per sector etc.

  • Disk analysis report with graphical view

    K9-Disk Speedup calculates and displays the exact percentage of fragmentation in the form of a report. It is also represented in a graphical view which is easy to understand for the user.


Thank You for downloading K9-Disk Speedup

Installation Instructions:

This download of K9-Disk Speedup is a Free Scan version.

Click here to begin your download manually.

1. Download K9-Disk Speedup

When the File Download - Security warning dialog box appears click the "Save File" button

2. Open Save File Location

After the download is complete, navigate to the downloaded path and double-click on the setup.exe to launch setup wizard.

3. Follow the Setup Wizard

Follow the prompts within the installer to complete the installation of K9-Disk Speedup.

If you face any problem contact us at support@k9tools.com.

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