K9-PCUtilities fixes up errors, speeds up and fine tunes the entire PC in just a few simple clicks. PC users and hard core PC gamers get the best out of this utility software.

What does K9-PCUtilities do?

K9-PCUtilities is an overall system optimizer performing multiple tasks making it the smartest utility software

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Key Features & Benefits:

  • Maintain privacy and security
  • Eliminate duplicacy
  • Fine-tuned and speedy system
  • Free up ample of disk space


Why do I need K9-PCUtilities?

K9-PCUtilities is a powerful tool that includes a comprehensive set of utilities to keep your PC running smooth, clean and error free. This award winning software not only boosts PC performance but also improves the users overall experience. It updates outdated device drivers on the system to the most recent ones, cleans and removes junk files, fragments disk and much more to make the system run with full efficiency.

With K9-PCUtilities, users can:

  • Easily carry out multiple tasks like disk fragmentation, cleaning junk files and many more
  • Maintain privacy and security of their systems
  • Gain a faster and better gaming experience
  • Easily recover accidentally deleted data and files
  • Resolve sudden system crashes and application freezes
  • Remove duplicate files from their systems

K9-PCUtilities provides an effective solution to all PC problems in just a few simple clicks.


Why choose K9-PCUtilities?

  • Smart PC Care

    It optimizes the overall performance of the system by carrying out multiple tasks quickly and easily. Several tasks like junk file cleaning, disk defragmentation and many more can be carried out with a single click.

  • Game Optimizer

    It enhances hard core gamers gaming experience without any interruption by providing a private virtual desktop optimized for gameplay and ensuring that all available resources are devoted to the game.

  • PC Fixer

    It provides an effective solution to a slow PC by automatically repairing all the issues, resulting in a faster and hassle-free PC experience. It scans the system and generates a report of the common issues that hamper the performance of the system.

  • Memory Optimizer

    Memory is optimized in such a way that it prevents Windows freezes, application crashes, random system reboot and shutdown. Additionally, it automatically manages the memory allocation for different applications.

  • Privacy Protector

    It securely detects and deletes traces of confidential data and personal information keeping the privacy intact. It secures internet browsing by clearing browsing history, cookies, history of accessed files and even more.

  • Duplicate Files Remover

    Duplicate files are scanned and removed quickly to free up hard disk space resulting in a more efficiently running system.

  • Undelete

    It scans for deleted files and folders on any storage media devices. It provides a summary of the deleted items and restores multiple items to the location of the users choice. It has the ability to recover the files even after being deleted from Recycle Bin.

  • System Cleaner

    It helps users to clean the junk and obsolete files in a single click and presents a summary of temp files, empty folders, junk files detected . It cleans up the leftovers of uninstalled programs ensuring a smooth functionality of your PC. Cleaning such files frees up ample of wasted disk space and results in a fast PC. Before cleaning files, system cleaner creates a system restore point.

  • Disk Explorer

    It scans hard drives to analyze the files and folders and presents a summary for the same. Users can identify the largest files occupying most of the disk space. It provides a better understanding of disk space usage.

  • Uninstall Manager

    It offers a complete list of all the installed programs with the details and description of the same. It completely deletes obsolete system data and uninstalls programs from the system which are no longer being used.

  • Secure Delete

    Maintaining privacy and data security, this feature securely wipes unneeded files and folders in such a way that no data recovery tool can recover any of the wiped data. It then generates a summary report showing the number of items deleted and how much disk space has been freed.

  • Secure Encryptor

    It protects the most sensitive data by allowing users to encrypt and decrypt files with a single click. To maintain the security, these files are made unreadable and unusable and are secured with a password.

  • System and Security Advisor

    Those areas of the system are scanned where security and performance can be improved. Users are given guidance on where tweaks and adjustments can be made.

  • Startup Manager

    It lets users to manage the execution of programs at windows start-up. Users can add, remove and disable start-up programs in a few simple clicks. It also displays the description of the start-up programs.


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Installation Instructions:

This download of K9-PCUtilities is a Free Scan version.

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1. Download K9-PCUtilities

When the File Download - Security warning dialog box appears click the "Save File" button

2. Open Save File Location

After the download is complete, navigate to the downloaded path and double-click on the setup.exe to launch setup wizard.

3. Follow the Setup Wizard

Follow the prompts within the installer to complete the installation of K9-PCUtilities.

If you face any problem contact us at support@k9tools.com.

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